In need of an interim inhouse employment law specialist?

Why hire
a WorkxIN

  • We know the market and have an extensive network of top-notch employment law specialists.
  • The employment law specialist can always rely on the knowledge and experience of the team of Workx Advocaten throughout the assignment.
  • WorkxIN ensures training and knowledge maintenance for the employment law specialist before, during, and after the assignment.

WorkxIN employment law specialists for a specific project or fixed period.


Who we are

WorkxIN has emerged from Workx Advocaten. Our team consists of both mid-level and senior employment law specialists, ranging from 3 to 20 years of experience in employment law and mostly trained by large law firms. For this reason, we always have a specialist in our team who fits your organization and assignment.

Our specialists can be hired full-time for a certain period, as well as for a few hours per week. This can be done both on-site and from our office, or a combination thereof.


What we do

We make the right connection between the client and the employment law specialist. Whether it’s a short-term assignment, a specific project, or the replacement of a colleague, we offer customized solutions. Our personal approach, years of knowledge and experience within Workx Advocaten, and understanding of the employment law market are our strengths.

  • Temporary replacement of a legal counsel or inhouse lawyer.
  • A specific project such as an acquisition or restructuring.
  • Review of employment law/HR documentation and adjustments thereof.
  • Assistance with harmonizing employment conditions, including the process with the works council.

Workx was super responsive and attentive to our needs – at a competitive price.

Director of the employment team at Accenture

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