What we do

We make the right connection between the client and the employment law specialist. Whether it’s a short-term assignment, a specific project, or the replacement of a colleague, we offer customized solutions. Our personal approach, years of knowledge and experience within Workx Advocaten, and understanding of the employment law market are our strengths.

Together with the client, we assess what is expected of the employment law specialist. When making the match, we not only consider the specialist’s knowledge and experience but also their personality. Our goal is to find the right person for the right job!

WorkxIN employment law specialists for a specific project or fixed period.

During the assignment, we encourage the employment law specialist to use the extensive knowledge and expertise available within Workx Advocaten.

This means that the specialist can seek help from the team of Workx Advocaten when dealing with difficult issues. Discussions about strategy or opportunities in a case can make a difference. The comprehensive Workx database with templates and know-how is also available to the specialist. This way, the client can be assured that even when using a less experienced WorkxIN specialist, the timely assistance of an experienced Workx Advocaten lawyer will be called upon.

WorkxIN also provides substantive training for employment law specialists to keep their knowledge and experience up to date. During these training sessions, there is ample opportunity for sharing experiences and exchanging tips and tricks among different employment law specialists.