Who we are

WorkxIN has emerged from Workx Advocaten, a law firm consisting of a group of specialized and dedicated employment law attorneys.

We are known for our pragmatic and goal-oriented approach. We speak the language of our clients and derive much satisfaction from solving employment law problems. In recent years, we have seen a change in the demand for employment law support.

In addition to the ad hoc engagement of a lawyer for a specific problem, there is an increasing reliance on an interim or a platform of various jurists/lawyers for larger projects or personnel shortages.

Workx was super responsive and attentive to our needs – at a competitive price.

Director of the employment team at Accenture

We believe that this can be done differently and better.

A employment law specialist from WorkxIN distinguishes himself by

1. the backup of the Workx Advocaten team. The specialist can always rely on the extensive knowledge and experience of the Workx Advocaten team during the assignment and

2. the benefits of participating in the activities and knowledge sessions provided by WorkxIN.

This has led us to offer our clients and customers not only the ad hoc engagement of a Workx Advocaten lawyer, but also the benefits of an in-house WorkxIN employment law specialist.